H&M phases out conventional cashmere for sustainable mission

Robyn Turk / Mar 20, 2019 / FashionUnited

The H&M Group announced this week that it has started to graduallyphase out the use of conventional cashmere. The brand shared in a poston its website that it will stop placing orders on the material by theend of 2020 due to the environmental and animal welfare challenges ofsourcing cashmere.

The fast fashion group, which includes eight global apparel brands,aims to use only sustainably sourced materials across its productionby 2030. Currently, 57 percent of the materials used by the H&M Groupis either recycled or sourced sustainably, representing a 35 percentgrowth since last year.

The group has already made large strides in its cotton choices - 95percent of cotton throughout the H&M Group portfolio is sustainablysourced or recycled, due to work with the Better Cotton Initiative. Ascashmere is the next target of H&M's environmental improvement, it isworking towards a more transparent supply chain in regard to where itsources the material from.

"If the cashmere industry in the future would meet oursustainability criteria, we could consider turning to virgin cashmereagain," the brand shared on its website.

It added, "Besides our work to improve the industry, we will alsocontinue to look at alternatives with an equally great feel and valueto customers as cashmere, but with less environmental impacts."

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