Art & Fashion

A&F Grand Prix


The Arts and Fashion Grand Prix is held from February 25th to February 28th each year. The award-winning works are promoted by the Council of the Association to professional magazines and TV programs in more than 50 countries. Especially in Europe, the award-winning status is outstanding. It is an important award in Europe and America.


The A&F Grand Prix is divided into Achievement Awards and Special Awards. The Achievement Awards include Best Fashion Designer, Best Stylist, Best Photographer, Best Music Producer, Best TV Show (Web Show) Host, Best Special prizes such as makeup artists and best models are based on awards for the contribution of the art world.


In 2002, the Council decided to expand the scope of the A&F Grand Prix and conduct free evaluations. The artist's submissions were reviewed by AAT tutors, and the Council and fashion celebrities were finalized, which was objective and fair.


Today, the A&F Grand Prix has become one of the most important labels for artists in the industry. The gains are not limited to commercial value, but have been used as an honorary symbol of the art palace. The influence of the AAT professional review team has grown dramatically and has gradually become a member of the European and American art world.